Steps To Know Before Filing A Car Insurance Claim

Documentation to be kept handy:

Before one decides to file a claim they should have the following documents in place:
1-Original Registration Certificate and Driving license required for verification.
2-Claim form (duly filled in & signed) to be submitted to the repairer/surveyor.
3-Some of the details you will need to fill in the claim form and must know are:

– Policy Number
– Name of the Insured Person
– Name of Driver
– Contact Number(s)
– Vehicle number
– Make and Model of your Car
– Date & Time of the Accident
– Location of Loss
– Brief Description about the Incident

Cashless and Reimbursement Claim Settlement

While registering a claim, it is important to know that one can either go in for a cashless claim or a reimbursement one. In a cashless claim, one must send the car for repairs to one of the workshops where the insurance company has a tie-up after taking approval. In this case, the insurance company will pay the approved amount to the garage directly, and the insured will only need to pay the part not paid. On the other hand, for the reimbursement settlement, one will need to pay the amount after the repairs are done and post that the amount will be refunded by the insurance company. If there is a networking workshop close by, cashless claim settlement will definitely be more convenient.

Things to keep in mind before registering a claim:

1-One should read the policy document carefully before filing a claim. If the policy is not available, one can check it on the website of the insurance company.
2-For any question or doubt, one must contact the customer support team of the company and get clarifications.
3-Also, it must be seen, especially in the case of damages, if the cost of repairs is not too much, a claim must not be filed as that will affect the no claim bonus in the next policy year. No claim bonus is a discount provided to the customer if he has no claims in the policy year.